Welcome to Never Enough Design a source for layouts, icons, signatures and headers for your sites, blogs or forums. The site wants to provide you a valuable source for your needs. Created on August 2010, gives you the best of application with cheap demand. I've been working with Photoshop since a decade and reaching the coding world in the past winter 2009. All I ask you is to please follow the rules and always credit.
Posted on Apr 13, 14 under Site Maintenance.
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For the few following weeks the orders will stay closed.
For those of you who have ordered already, those will be completed but I’m not accepting any new until I write here it’s open again.
Thanks for your understanding!

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I’ve updated the portfolio with a lot of stuff I did in the past months but had no time to add.
Also I please want to remind you that I don’t force people into paying after 24h that I sent the preview but don’t make me wait so long. There have been a lot of people e-mailing me to ask if I was accepting because the list in my sidebar has been stuck on the same name for a while. That is just because I wasn’t paid yet and so I haven’t completed. REMEMBER: I am always accepting orders unless I am physically sick or out of town.

Portfolio links:
Wordpress Media Themes > Layouts
Coppermine Themes > Layouts
Coppermine Themes > Coding
Wordpress Themes > Layouts
Wordpress Themes > Coding
Collective Themes > Layouts

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Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the premades section. You don’t know what’s a premade?

A premade is an already coded layout (to which you need to make your own header), customizable with colors.
There is just three so far but I will make more and add them all to that page. So visit it and if you wanna buy e-mail me.

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