Welcome to Never Enough Design a source for layouts, icons, signatures and headers for your sites, blogs or forums. The site wants to provide you a valuable source for your needs. Created on August 2010, gives you the best of application with cheap demand. I've been working with Photoshop since a decade and reaching the coding world in the past winter 2009. All I ask you is to please follow the rules and always credit.

Packages FULL



A complete wordpress theme of 2 columns or 3 columns: header for personal site or fansite, + basic coding + menù + welcome message (optional) + latest pictures (optional)

  • Code: FULL#WP (Price: 13$) wordpress blog
  • Code: FULL#WPMED (Price: 16$) wordpress video archive


A complete coppermine theme: header for personal site or fansite, + basic coding + menù (optional) + welcome message (optional)

  • Code: FULL#CPG (Price: 10$) photo gallery


A complete fanlisting theme (with or without sidebar): header for your fansite fanlisting + menù + welcome message (optional) + 4 code buttons.

  • Code: FULL#FANS (Price: 14$)


A complete theme for your collective: header with images (optional) + sociables links/images (optional) + images of your fansites + hosting line + credits line. NOTE: I provide html file and css file, not wordpress php files

  • Code: FULL#COLS (Price: 10$)

Packages Coding


A theme with one or more sidebars: basic coding + menù + welcome message (optional) + latest pictures (optional). You need to provide me the header.

  • Code: COD#WP (Price: 9$)
  • Code: COD#CPG (Price: 7$)
  • Code: COD#COLS (Price: 4$)
  • Code: COD#FANS (Price: 6$)

NOTE: coppermine can only have one or no sidebar. I don’t code more than one sidebar.

Packages Header


A header that you will need to code in the layout: menù (optional) + welcome message (optional)

  • Code: HEAD#WP (Price: 5$)
  • Code: HEAD#CPG (Price: 3$)
  • Code: HEAD#COLS (Price: 2.50$)
  • Code: HEAD#FANS (Price: 2.50$)

NOTE: If you need anything extra like a box for latest pictures, latest headlines you HAVE to specify in “Anything else” section.

Packages Combo


A combination of themes matching per color, header or style: wordpress and coppermine themes (see code#FULL). 

  • Code: COMBO#WPCPG (Price: 15$)

NOTE: If you want the same header for both scripts or same color scheme you MUST specify.