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Posted on Mar 05, 14 under Site Maintenance.
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Hello dear fellows,
a new post to say that now that the major award season is over, unless differently stated, the orders will keep going at normal rythms. I have the orders list always updated so you know how many I have and what I’m working on.
If you haven’t noticed I bring to your attention the new prices, I’ve changed adjusting them removing all the FSN preferencial codes and leaving all one price for anyone applying from any hosting, also you might want to notice that the pricing lowered from usual, especially for those who weren’t hosted by fan-sites.org so it’s all upgraded to better for all.
Also a question I am always asked is “are you accepting?”. This might come because of some previous designers you ordered have closed them after a certain amount. Everyone their way of working, not a critic, I do am open all the time, except I make a post here for a trip or a too bad sickness that doesn’t allow me to be at pc, for the rest I do always accept orders at any time. :)

So go ahead and place your order and thanks for ordering from me!

Posted on Jan 15, 14 under Site Maintenance.
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Dear followers,
that’s a little note to let you know that orders are still open (you can see the list on left for what I’ve and working on) but to tell you they might get a little slower for we are in the middle of award season and I’ve a lot of fansites. Just for the Golden Globes I had 20 people attending and it was a hectic hell day to complete them all, so don’t be afraid if I take more than said or expected, you won’t get forgotten just doing my best to manage all.

Thanks everyone for understanding.

Cheers, Claudia

Posted on Dec 01, 13 under Collectives, Coppermine, Fanlistings, Layouts, Wordpress.
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Orders are open again now that I have finally customized a new look dedicated to the beautiful Paris.
These are latest onliners: Ravenswoodweb.us, Alyssam.org, Famke-Janssen.us, Fan.Christopher-Meloni.org, Purple-Rain.org, Nay.pw

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