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Posted on Jun 09, 14 under Site Maintenance.
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Hello, for a week from now (June 9th – June 16th) orders are closed. I will keep open the selling of PREMADES because it’s a thing happening via e-mail but I cannot work on custom orders.

Orders will re-open on June 17th!


Edit: for premades you can now make it all faster and purchase them and get a download link soon after your payment without waiting for me to send you. Just go at sellfy.com and make your choice.

Posted on May 23, 14 under Collectives, Layouts, Premades.
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Now for selling there’s also Collective Themes for 4$.


PREMADE #1 -  view it livelight

PREMADE #2 - view it livedark

PREMADE #3 -  view it livelight

PREMADE #4 -  view it livedark

PREMADE #5 -  view it livelight

Posted on May 20, 14 under Site Maintenance.
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Some people have been e-mailing me confused and so YES, orders are still open! I will only not be doing them from 13th June to 16th June because I’ll be out of town, but until then they’re open!

Also some have been reluctant about buying premades and that’s because they only saw what I made with them to put for selling but you don’t know how you can customize them to your like. So I thought it was worth it to show you that yes all can be done and they can be personalized their own ways, either it’s for color changing or some more styling modifications.

PREMADE #1 actor Peter Gallagher – WordPress & Coppermine
I have chosen to use this on my Robert Downey Jr. fansite. See in this case I’ve made the content-news to go a little bit more up than in the premade preview and customized the colors to match Iron Man’s suit ones.

PREMADE #2 actress Jessica Chastain – WordPress & Coppermine
I have used it on my Helena Bonham Carter fansite and decided to stay more faithful to the styling and just focusing on matching colors to the header.

PREMADE #3 actress Jessica Chastain – WordPress & Coppermine
This one has been fit too Rooney-Mara.Org. Simple and just based on the spectrum of one color: green water! I have put the sidebar on same level of content but changed the top border color to distinguish from the one single block. Then I played around with greys mostly and put just a sprinkle of color here and there not to make it too much mono-chromatic and boring.

I can customize a header if you want me to. A single header would normally cost you 5$ so I’ll make it for 3$ to match the premade, which means a total price of 8$ for having a header customized to match the wordpress and coppermine (same header for both).

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