Never Enough Design high quality design for cheap price

» I ONLY accept Paypal as payment

» I pretend full payment upfront to finish your oder but only after I show you the logo-preview.

» My codings aren’t to be used as base for your other sites. You can’t use them.

» Please send hq pictures or medium quality photos. No stamps or 100×100 images.

» If you order a layout please don’t ask me to do as another one, I’ve my own style and I don’t like to make a “copy” of someone else.

» If you are not competent in html/php codes and want me to fill in your sidebars, specify in the order.

» DonĀ“t claim it as yours.

» No Refunds making.

» I will take up to one week from the preview to complete your order, no matter which package it is. More days than 7 no, less days than 7 could be.

» In order to avoid any legal action you MUST have a disclaimer message on your site claiming that pictures are copyrighted to respective owners and that I’m not responsible for the pictures you give me to design. If you don’t know where/how to put it specify in ANYTHING ELSE spot to add a disclaimer message and I will.

» The answer to secret word is Greed. If you don’t write it I won’t accept cause it means you haven’t read these rules.