Site Transfers

Transfering to a new host it’s tiring, not so easy and scary. But I have done so many times by now for my sites, I can do for you too. Here’s my deals.


Per site:
10$ one site from 10 GB to 20 GB
20$ one site from 20 GB to 35 GB
30$ one site from 35 GB to 50 GB
65$ one site from 50 GB to 100 GB
75$ one site from 100 GB on
*** one site less than 10 GB is free transfer
Per Group:
– starting at 15$ for a total of 10 GB
– additional 5$ for each 15 GB in total (example: 20$ for 25 GB, 30$ for 35 GB and so on) up to 70 GB
55$ for a total of 70 GB to 100 GB
80$ for a total of 100 GB and on.
*** considering from 5 fansites and more

How it works

You can get in touch with me via e-mail.
What it includes:
All packages include: building the scripts, exporting/importing the databases, upgrading the gallery script if needed (and fix themes if needed), change host link in your themes, uploading the images, check that all images are present in gallery.
What do I do if some images are missing?
In the case some images show as missing from both the source and the moved site, I will make a list and notify to you what is missing with a direct link to both galleries.
What do I need?
I need full access to the panels of both your old host and new host.
I will temporarily build myself a username via phpMyAdmin which will be removed once I complete the job and give the site to you.
What you need to do:
Trust me. I have done this many times and I find myself comfortable around databases.
Once the site is complete I URGE YOU to double check nothing is missing (if I haven’t notified of missing files with links) before you delete or request cancellation with your previous host.
When submitting your order I need to know how much time do I have and if your old hosting plan is soon to expire. I won’t charge you more for short times, but I need to know it. If this is the case I may have to ask you to check the files are in gallery yourself, so I can move to next site to transfer (if ordering for group transfers).